How To Know Your Customers and Their Needs


If you have ever found yourself being caught up in the web of building a business, then you will know by now that starting a business is a lot of work. However, once you are able to successfully launch the business, the next phase of challenge is to win customers over.

Without a shadow of doubt, advertising your goods and services in a business community where there is serious competition can be truly difficult.

It is for this reason that a good business person does all it takes to keep their loyal customers. If you have been active in the business circle or in the corporate world, you must have heard the cliché over and over again that‘Customers are Always Right’.But, did you know that technically, this might not be true?

However, for the sake of not losing your customers, you should always see things from your clients’ point of view. This is irrespective of whether they are wrong or not; because wisdom requires that you don’t throw the mistakes of your customers in their faces.

If you are a business person – especially one of those that interface with clients; then you are required to apply tact and diplomacy when dealing with your clients.

This is especially unreasonable clients. Knowing your customers and what they actually want from your business – in terms of your goods and services is all you need to leverage on in order to become a successful entrepreneur. There are several approaches that you can adopt if you want to know your customers and their needs.

Here are  tips that will help you know your customers and their needs;


  1. Create a Database for Your Customers (Sign – up to Customers Relationship Management (CRM) Software)

The first rule of thumb that you are supposed to put in place is to set up structures in your business. In setting up structures, it is very important to sign up to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software.

A good CRM Software will help you effectively manage you customers and you will be able to know them and their needs as well. You can visit an online software store to source for a CRM software that suits your business needs.

You can as well review the Zoho®, Insightly® and Agile® software.

2. When You Have the Opportunity to Interface with Your Clients, Deliberately Engage Them in Order To Create Relationship

There are opportunities that present itself every day that you can leverage on to get to know your customers a lot better.

Much more than discussing business with your clients, when you interface with them, create a room to pose questions at them that will help you to know them better.

Please note that some customers mightn’t like it when you ask them questions beyond what they came for.

This is why you must apply tact when dealing with your customers.

3. Create an Enabling Business Environment Where Your Customers Can Be Free To Express Themselves (Effective Feedback System)

One of the best approaches that you can employ, if you want to know your customers and also to know their needs, is to endeavor to create an enabling business environment where your customers can be free to express themselves.

Businesses that are successful and have loads of loyal customers are businesses that don’t toy with feedback’s.

Dissatisfied customers can walk out on your business without notice once they realize that you don’t have an effective feedback mechanism in place.

4. Create Promos and Programs That Will Help You Celebrate Your Customers

Another approach you can adopt if you want to know your customers and their needs well is to create promos and programs that will help you celebrate them.

When designing any promo or program for your customers, ensure that you put things in place that help you with discovering who they are and their expectations of your business.

For example; you can be direct by asking your customers to write about themselves and their expectations from your products.

If the prizes are very attractive, then you can be sure to have loads of entries.



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