See How To Create A Free Blog In Five Minutes

You’ve been thinking and searching for how to create a free blog?

Now, you are about to find out exactly how to create a free blog within five minutes. You already know the benefit of blogging, so I’d skip that and go straight to business. The tutorial is going to be step by step and direct to the point.

And by the time we are done, you will have your own site ready for business. This article will cover the free blogs which is a very good starting point for beginner bloggers and good for professionals as well.

There are two major free blogging platforms (WordPress.com and Blogger.com) that you can use. Both are very robust and offers everything you need to build a free yet professional looking site.To Setup A Free Blog In Five Minutes With Blogger.com Blogger promises you’d start blogging in five minutes and they have been living up to that promise for years now. Millions of blogs are currently hosted on Blogspot with the number still counting. This is because of the ease of setting up and managing new blogs that blogger offers.

Here are the steps to follow:-

  1.  Go to wordpress.com there you will see message that reads “Create your new website for free.  WordPress.com is the best place for your personal blog or business site” and without wasting time, click on “Create Website”. It will take you to a page that shows screenshot below.





  1. Go to Blogger.com which is the home page for Blogspot where your free blog will be created and hosted.
  2. Once you are there, you will see a login box for Google account, enter your Gmail email address and password to login into blogspot (all it takes is one Google account for all Google products). If you don’t have any Google account, click on “Create an Account” to proceed with your setup.

  3. The moment you login with your Gmail and password, you will see the screenshot below


  1. Fill in your ‘Blog Title’ and your ‘Blog Address’ and Select your desired ‘Template’ to proceed.


After filling all the information as shown on the screenshot above, then click on (“Create blog”) the orange button you see below on the screenshot to create your blog. That’s is! This should take you about 3-4 minutes to complete.


  1. From blogger.com/home click on your blog title, it will take you to the blog’s dashboard, start adding your contents from there.


let me stop here for now… with this i think you can start writing on your new blog in few minutes

have any questions? comment below


3 thoughts on “See How To Create A Free Blog In Five Minutes”

  1. What websites are for running a blog only? Like writing publications but we are able to use a different name?


  2. I want to begin a blog that deals with moral issues. I would like people to have the ability to see it, and also be simple to use and post..


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