Why I Choose Blogging!

This post is not meant to recruit new Bloggers into the Blogging world, NO. rather, Its just a little piece of writing on why i choose blogging Amongst other Jobs. (In my own words and Experiences)

Well, I have never thought of becoming a Blogger, Although i cant really tell how my blogging appetite came about, All i know is that; I have choosing Blogging as future Career Though it came as a hobby.

My parents had never supported my new found career (BLOGGING) Why? Because they fear that i may end up becoming nothing in Life. though they were ignorant of what my real intentions where. The word Blogging has eaten deep into me that i cant go through a day without Thinking about Pospitips Online.

though not into full time blogging but i intend putting my necessary effort, dedication and exercise patience to watch my Blog grow to become a large Entrepreneurial Community. with time Blogging is going to be my full time Job, that’s when I’ll be out of school but for now i blog part-time.

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To Prove Blogging A Career:

It’s true Blogging is not being taught in colleges, but i think it’s worth career. Well, The Discouragement from friends and family members motivated me more and more to pursue my blogging career, just to prove blogging a career. (This has been my major goal ever since I started).

To Become The First Successful Blogger In My Ward:

Some of the words my father always said to me was How many bloggers have succeeded in our state? anytime i hear these words coming out of him i feel discouraged but I have always wanted to become a blogger, so i never gave up. If no successful blogger have existed in my state, then i want to be the first.

To Share My Knowledge:

As a young Entrepreneur, I loved public speakers and desired to be like them but i could not  due to my shy nature. I have always known known myself to be an epitome of knowledge and wisdom. “PLEASE AM NOT BOASTING” Its a gift from God, I may not be able to share my ideas and knowledge in words but i can do it 100% in writing.

I have always thought there  is something special in me, i think i have something that someone is looking for, i think i have an idea that could straighten your business and and entrepreneurial mentality.

One of the Major reasons i Joined Blogging was to Share my Knowledge.

To make cool money:

As i said, i intend building an awesome community for entrepreneurs. so with time am gonna turn Pospitips Online into a money making machine. Lol (: , Invest on it, Get a domain and a great hosting platform.

I came to know blogging as a place to make cool cash without talking to nobody, buying or selling. i joined blogging to exchange my knowledge and ideas for interest which automatically comes inform of money though blogging haven’t given me what i want, but i know it will.

i don’t sell my ideas to you to end money, NO, i only share my ideas to you for free. While i  receive my salary and wages. one of the main reason’s i joined blogging is to make cool cash online.

Blogging Is A Career!
Blogging Is A Career!

Maybe I’ll stop here for now to continue some other day and off-course i will share what i experienced pursuing my blogging career.



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39 thoughts on “Why I Choose Blogging!”

  1. I started up my blog with my friend as there was a gap in terms market for our particular niche. Plus we find it so much fun! We can’t believe that we have a start up business from it and are actually being paid to do it. We will continue to grow and make it our full time career . Can’t wait! Ree love30

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  2. Good luck with reaching your goals! It’s always a good thing to know what you want. And then make a plan to achieve it. I hope it will be very successful. Is it already your day job?


  3. You’re such an inspiration! Let’s defeat the culture of hate and discrimination! Bloggers are as hard working as anyone else in the world and creating content like how we do is no easy feat! More power!

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  4. I always wanted to start a blog and it took me a while to pluck up the courage to do it…I just wanted a platform to express myself and start something thats truly and unapologetically me

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  5. Great choice, I love blogging, though I do it for the love of writing, sharing thoughts and hopefully to inspire others. So far I’ve made not a cent, and I’m more than content with that 🙂


  6. Different people have different reasons for blogging. For me, it mostly to share my knowledge. The world is huge and what I know now may not be known to other parts of the world. And another reason is to keep a record of my life, like a diary 🙂


  7. Great post! I love blogging because I get to share with the digital space my favorites, some bits of my personal life that could enrich others, and build relationships with my favorite brands! I also enjoy looking back at my older work to see how I’ve grown as a person. Thanks for sharing why you chose blogging! Always fun getting to know other people’s perspectives. xo, sharon



  8. I guess all of us have different reasons why they chose to blog. For me it was natural, as I studied journalism and my love for writing had to be put somewhere. I like sharing my stories with the world.


  9. I started blogging because I wanted to have this little corner where I can share my outfit ideas, photos and thoughts. I never dreamed it could actually bring me any money or freebies, but it did and now it makes it even more enjoyable because I do sth I love and still have a chance to earn something. xx


  10. i started blogging mainly as a hobby and also because i see writing as a form of destressing. I hold a day job and frankly speaking, will never see blogging as a full time job. choose blogging as a full time career is tough, and you need a lot of dedication and discipline to see yourself through it. kudos to you for being able to do it!


  11. Sounds like you know your strengths and what you want to do – go for it! As long as you’re enjoying it, it’s worth it.


  12. I could relate to your reasons why I like blogging. I didn’t expect that I would have the status as what I have right now, but I like it and I’m motivated to continue blogging and learn new ways to improve it. It’s lucrative, and I find it yes glamorous!

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  13. I also choose blogging as a passion. It’s not my primary way of making or earning money. The perks are nice though. Ilike to blog mainly to share. It’s always nice to be of help to others. Even in small ways.


  14. Skeptics can reel off hundreds of reasons why blogging won’t work, wax eloquent on the inevitable demise of blogging as a viable business model, or sit and wait for new threads of opportunity in the new medium to surface.

    Blogging, however, remains as a great way to build a legacy,

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  15. It’s nice to know what you are choosing blogging over other careers. That’s good. It’s just that while you don’t earn from it yet, trying other career wont hurt, though. At least, you get to earn from other means aside from blogging. Well, as for me, I blog just to share to people my experiences and that could help them too on their future trips.


  16. Where a few good locations to get good free blogger themes?. I know of pyzam but I would like to find others, what are some good sites?.


  17. That’s awesome you’re doing what you want despite what your family says. To them, blogging is just unfamiliar so they are critical. And of course they care about you.

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  18. Nice article! I have a special love for blogging. True, my blog is currently just a hobby, but maybe sometime in the future i can become a full time job. I’ve already earned a lot from it 🙂


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