How to get your Targeted followers on twitter without follow-backs

I once shared an article on Benefits Of Using Twitter For Business
in March 2016 and that was my first article about twitter. haven
received so many feedback’s and testimonies from my readers worldwide, I’ve decided to share “How to get your Targeted followers on twitter without follow-backs”

It’s obvious so many persons are now looking for ways to get more
twitter followers than followings, if you desire to get more twitter
followers within a twinkle of an eye, then read on.

Well, I have never been in support of the twitter principle of “follow
for follow.” Now tell me, if we keep on following ourselves on day to
day basis, who is going to be the boss? At times you end up following
people that always bore you with unwanted tweets of let me say “the
wrong people” and some of this people can be so cunning, once you
follow them, they will follow you for a while after which they will
un-follow later.

Twitter has been a Major tool in growing my business, though I once
gave up on twitter, which was when my account with over 2,000
followers was suspended and then blocked for reasons I can’t tell till
date. I tried recovering it but it was simply impossible, then I asked
myself “Does it mean I am going to start all over again?” my answer
was simply “NO” so I left twitter for a long time though I returned in
September 2016, that was when I saw the importance of twitter and how it could grow my business, the I started all over again. So it’s not a lie if I say I am a newbie on twitter and I’m going to share with you
how I got more followers on twitter than my followings.

What if you want your twitter followers to be like this

ent-2 ent-1 ent-4 ent-3

Is there a way to do it? The answer is “yes” and I’m going to show you
how to make it happen.

1.   Post using hashtags (#)

Over 60% of twitter users are those who search and review hashtags. So including hashtags to your daily tweets is very important and always take your post and tweets farer than your followers, what I mean is that even people that don’t follow you can also view your tweets. Confused? Twitter users value hashtags more than anything else, using hashtags always make your tweets appear whenever any twitter user searches on your topic, you won’t believe I got over 100 followers in less than one week through hashtags, still don’t get it? Now let’s take this example: let’s assume your tweet is:

“How to start-up a business with no money”

Using hashtags you’ll say:

“How to #startup a #business with no #money

Those twitter user searching on #startup, #business, or #money will
easily find your tweets and may like to follow you to learn more, hope
you got that! Try this for a week and see results yourself like I said
earlier, using hashtags on your daily tweets will introduce you to many people, I call it “cheap popularity” (Lol).

Please to get your desired or targeted followers, post using hashtags
related to your niche, let’s take another example:


Business niche#Business, #startup #Entrepreneur, #marketing etc.

Lifestyle/fashion niche#fashion #lifestyle #beauty #hairstyle #family etc.

Travel niche #travels #travel #adventure #UK #Germany #Nigeria etc.

Sport niche- #chelseafc #Ucl #uel #Manutd #Liverpool etc.

Let’s assume it’s all clear, now let’s move to the next step…..

2.   Organize your profile:

To get your desired/targeted followers, you need a perfect and
professional twitter profile that will attract your targeted followers
to you. Reconsider a profile handle, for profile pictures use an
avatar that represents who you truly are or use passport photos, or logo of your business or organization. Use a perfect twitter Bio which shows below your avatar. Be creative to use this 140 characters space to attract more followers, I advice you include hashtags to your
twitter Bio so as to take your account farer than you expect. Use
hashtags that you want to appear for when people search for you.
Example, #Blogger #marketer #Photographer #businesscoach
#socialmediamarketer #fashiondesigner etc…

Now here are screenshots of awesome twitter Bios that will inspire you.

bio-2 bio-1 bio-3

3.   Follow the twitter Elephants in your niche:

if you want to get in the eyes of your targeted followers/audience
then you have to follow the top influencers in your niche, then from
their twitter activities you will find same minded twitter followers.
This has been a secret I wouldn’t like to share but I think I really
need to say it.

As a young Entrepreneur and business coach I follow sites like,
@entrepreneur @Inc @startups @addicted2success and other world class business men and women. In doing this I get to know more about my field and also meet same minded persons, business coaches and organizations.

Also try to retweet the tweet these influencers tweet, try to mention
them in tweets and always try to commend and tweet salutations to
them. Example: “@Entrepreneur thank you for the wonderful tweet this week.”

That will be enough to attract them, it’s from that, you’ll
start being noticed and it will definitely attract new followers to you.

I pray you find this helpful. share with others and also comment below


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