Disclosure Policy

This blog is written and edited by me and my team I thought most people would use their common sense when it came to my posts companies and Business ideas reviews etc, but I have had a few comments which made me realize that I need to be clearer so people don’t get the wrong idea…My content  are honest, based on my personal, observational and economical experience. Some of the ideas i share were derived from Wealthresult.com and Entrepreneur.com and other entrepreneur related websites. I DO NOT get anything in return for the things I write and review in this blog (apart from the featured advertisement in this blog).

Anything you do copy from this blog MUST have a link back to POSPITIPS ONLINEAll of the images on POSPITIPS ONLINE are also my own until stated otherwise. And again I would appreciate if people did not copy these images and place them elsewhere on the internet unless a link back is included.

 I am affiliated with Entrepreneur.com and I might share my affiliate links in some of the posts for which I have got commission when someone click on the link or purchase through the link . You can support POSPITIPS ONLINE by purchasing through those links & do not receive any kind of compensation for my reviews which are solely written on my own experience .

Other images that are not mine will not have a watermark on it and most, if not all of these images have been taken from ‘google images’ so they are available to the public.

I hope I have made that clear and understandable, if you have any further questions e-mail me at pospitips2015@gmail.com

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