How Did Pospitips Online Begin?
 We started in November 2014 after reading so many business blogs and book from Entrepreneurs. I intended to share my passion for entrepreneurship and my honest opinion and knowledge with the rest of the world , I loved writing from a very tender age, my thoughts were always on the business direction . this blog did not just start as blog, i started it as Facebook page, When I decided to brag about this blog I named it after my Facebook page of then (POSPI-TIPS) with a little subtraction (-) which was Pospitips  and now ‘Pospitips Online’ which satisfies my urge of writing & dream come true.

What Was Your Vision?
well, my vision was to instill the courage to run business in young people and unleash their full potentials.
Who Are You
 I am Pospi, 20 year old , Accounting student in Nogak polytechnic Ikom 2015. I love to share my passion for Entrepreneurship.
What is this blog all about ?
 Its a Business blog which covers blogging, business ideas and advice, agricultural activities, online biz, entrepreneurship and more”’



What is your ethnic origin ? Where are you from ?
 I was born and brought up in Cross river state, Nigeria though a Native of Abija-beebo in boki LGA Still in cross river state Nigeria, i was born into the family of 7 which i happen to be the 2nd from my parents. I can speak English, Boki and the Nigerian Pidgin Language.
Who manage this blog ?
 this blog is managed by me and my team .

Do you allow visitors to post on this Blog?
Yes, anyone can post through our Guest Posting Session
Where do you mostly shop from?
 I mostly shop from Nigeria markets, shops and local shops and at-time online shopping platforms,

Are you earning though your blog ?
 Yes !! Not in a form of money but in a form of love , appreciation , courage and a lot of support and most importantly i earn much wisdom and knowledge while writing on this blog, money will fly to me when am due
Who designed this blog ?
 I am using a free blog template of WordPress with some additions but soon in near future I am going to turn it into my official blog website. well, the site was created and designed by me. sponsored by: WORDPRESS.COM

What is your Dream for Pospitips Online?
I intend creating a Large online community for Business and Entrepreneurship.
Any message , tips for new/fellow bloggers ?
Believe in yourself, there is no limit to what you can achieve, Be true & original . You can take idea for variety from other bloggers but Don’t COPY. Be inquisitive but not too inquisitive, Be honest and passionate about what you are doing and don’t blog just cause you can make money from it but do it for passion .
Don’t under-estimate the power of BLOGGING.




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